Bike safety is of paramount importance. To reduce the risk of accidents, check your bike regularly and have it serviced by an expert at least once a year.

Doer Cycles offer the following services

Bronze service

  • Rim Brakes/Levers: Inspect for balance and adjust if required
  • Brake pads/Discs: inspect for wear
  • Brake cables: inspect
  • Headset: inspect for movement and adjust if required
  • Gears: inspect shifters, front and rear derailleur travel, adjust cable tension if required
  • Gear Cables: inspect
  • Chainset/Crank/Chainring: inspect for wear/movement
  • Chain: Inspect for wear
  • Cassette: inspect for wear
  • Wheel Bearings/Cones/Cups: check for movement
  • Wheels: inspect spokes and inspect for true
  • Pedals: inspect
  • Tyres: check correct pressure and adjust if required
  • Tyres: check tread and replace if required
  • Road Test: if possible
  • Full report provided
Not including parts

Silver service

As per the BRONZE service, plus

Inspect/Adjust if required:

  • Bottom Bracket
  • Chainset/Crank/Chainring
  • Freehub Body
  • Wheel Cups & Cones

Replace if required: –       

  • Brake Pads
  • Cassette
  • Chain
  • Brake cables
  • Gear cables
  • Pedals – remove clean/grease threads or replace
  • Full clean: degrease & lubrication
Not including parts

Gold service

As per SILVER service, plus

Replace if required:

  • Front & Rear Derailleur
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Chainset/Crank/Chainring
  • Freehub Body
  • Wheel Bearing/Cones/Cups
  • True Wheel if required and safe to do so
Not including parts

Bespoke Service

Doer Cycles offer a bespoke service option.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


MOT/Safety Check

If your bicycle has been off the road for a long period of time why not have a quick MOT to ensure all is working correctly.  We take your bike, put it on the stand and have a look over it, checking for wear and tear on all moving parts.  We then compile a list of advisories.  If you want Doer Cycles to then bring the bike up to full speed we will perform all the relevant repairs at the respective rates.

Not including parts

Box build

Doer Cycles will unpack and set up your bicycle ready to ride.  You will then receive a 10% discount on your first service with us.

  • Bolts, Check & adjust to correct torque
  • Check wheels & adjust if required, true & tyre pressure
  • Check & adjust if required, Gears, Brakes, Headset, Check wheel bearings & bottom bracket
  • Check cables, routing & condition
  • Setup, Check & adjust break and shifter levers, handlebars & saddle
Not including parts

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